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please be as specific as possible to ensure our team can verify your application as a good fit. We only accept limited partners who are qualified and aligned with our brand, so put your best foot forward!

What Makes Us Special?

CRO/Split testing

We have one of the best split-testing teams in the industry. Our seasoned team of conversion experts continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible with CRO. Every detail in our funnel has been tested and optimized. Our commitment to split testing directly benefits our partners because our CVRs are high and sustainable. That means you can feel confident sending traffic to our funnel long term.

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What Makes Us Special?

Industry Pioneer

Intelius was one of the first products to aggregate public data online at scale, and we’ve meticulously refined the process over the course of several years. When you promote Intelius, you are promoting the longest running and most successful offer in the space.

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Here is a Testimonial

Our Product Is Adored By Our Members

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our happy users are saying:

- Lise C.

"We found our birth mother"

Intelius provides peace of mind and protection to its happy users, and helps us make the world a safer place!

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Partner Performance

Our marketing partners see incredibly stable performance with Intelius. The offer has countless benefits, features and use cases. Intelius is known for being a super sustainable offer and we focus relentlessly on long-term sustainable growth. Many of our partners are sending hundreds of sales/day consistently.

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